Deep Jungle
x19 x4 x4

After Sora crash-lands the gummi ship and falls through a large treehouse, he is cornered by an aggressive leopard. Run or roll to either side to avoid the leopard's attacks, then quickly strike with 3-hit combos. After a while, Tarzan comes to Sora's rescue.

Slide to Base Camp

Jump down and follow Tarzan into the trees below. Save your progress at the nearby save station and jump through the hole in the center of the area to reach the sliding trees. While sliding down to the camp, be wary of the branches in your way; you can move left or right to avoid them, or jump over them.

Gather the Slides

Enter the tent to meet Jane and reunite with Donald and Goofy, who give Sora a Protect-G. Approach Jane and talk to her; she explains that if Tarzan would watch the six projector slides scattered around camp, it will help him understand what Sora's asking.

Slide Location Screenshot
Slide 1 on top of the main tent
Slide 2 on a dresser in the northwest corner
Slide 3 next to the chalkboard at ground level
Slide 4 on top of the large pile of boxes
Slide 5 on top of the canopy in the northwest corner
Slide 6 on top of the boxes to the right of the tent

After acquiring all of the slides, return to the tent and examine the projector. After viewing the slides, Tarzan just shakes his head. Clayton enters the tent and claims that Sora's friends must be with the gorillas, so Tarzan agrees to take everyone to the nesting grounds.

Swing to the Treetops

Travel to Hippo's Lagoon, located northwest of the tent. Climb the green vine to your left and swing on the vines to reach the next area. You must press the x button button at the right time to jump to the next vine; if you fall into Hippo's Lagoon, climb the vine on the southwest wall and return to the area to try again.

After Sora witnesses Tarzan speaking with Kerchak, climb the green vine to your left to reach the climbing trees, then travel through the passage on the opposite wall to reach the treehouse. After the cutscene, return to the tent by jumping into the trees and sliding down to camp. As you watch Clayton exit the tent, Sora & co. hear loud noises coming from outside.

Going for a 100% playthrough? Be sure to visit the Treehouse and fight Sabor again; he will break through the treehouse floor, which will make the Pink Agaricus side-quest a little easier for you!

Defeat the Heartless

NEW HEARTLESS: Powerwild, Green Requiem, Bouncywild

Exit the tent and defeat the Heartless in each area (refer to the list on the right). After each battle, you will receive a gummi block from a gorilla. As you travel around the areas, you may randomly run into Sabor again; the battle is exactly the same as when you first encountered Sabor.

If you want a chance to obtain the Prime Cap accessory from the Pink Agaricus Heartless later in the game, you must encounter Sabor in the Treehouse again before progressing the story further (Sabor will break open a hole in the treehouse floor).

Location Reward
Camp Protect-G
Bamboo Thicket Fire-G
Cliff Aeroga-G
Climbing Trees Aeroga-G
Tree House Shell-G

After clearing out the Heartless in all five areas, return to the tent and talk to Jane. As you exit the tent, you will hear a gunshot from the thicket. Enter the bamboo thicket (located in the northeast corner) and Sabor will leap from the trees.


HP: 180      EXP: 150      DIFFICULTY:

As Sabor swipes or charges, run to either side to avoid contact, strike once or twice, then back away to avoid taking damage; attacking with a complete combo sometimes staggers him, allowing you to do additional damage. When Sabor regains his balance, he will jump into the thicket and reappear in a random spot. When you know Sabor is charging, try to give him some distance, so that after his charge, he will be near you, allowing you to deal a complete combo and knock him off his feet.

REWARD:  White Fang

Save Jane

After fighting Sabor, return to the tent to find that Jane is missing. Save your progress inside the tent and go to the climbing trees, located through Hippo's Lagoon and the swinging vines. You'll find that Jane and a gorilla are stuck behind a large plant.

This battle is a great opportunity to gain more EXP and level up; an unlimited number of Powerwild Heartless will appear here so long as the large purple fruit in the middle of the area is still intact. If you cast magic on all four of the small flowers in the area, the Heartless will stop appearing.

When you decide that you've gained enough EXP, attack the large purple fruit hanging from the tree in the center of the area; the vines imprisoning Jane and the gorilla will break. Save your progress in the tunnel, equip curative items, and enter the cliff, located through the bamboo thicket (alternatively, you can jump down the cliffside to the left of the treehouse to reach the cliff).

Stealth Sneak

HP: 750 + 250      EXP: 270      DIFFICULTY:

Attack Clayton with combos, and dodge roll to avoid taking damage. After striking Clayton a few times, he will summon a large Heartless. Dodge roll to to avoid Clayton's gunfire and Stealth Sneak's charge attacks. Lock-on to Stealth Sneak and attack using aerial combos while keeping to its sides, and jump away before it spins around. Dodge the green energy balls and its charges by staying in the air while attacking. Eventually, Clayton will be knocked off of Stealth Sneak. At this moment, lock-on to Clayton and press the triangle button button twice to send your party after him; this will keep Clayton pre-occupied while you keep attacking the dazed Stealth Sneak. It will eventually wake up and shoot powerful lasers from its eyes; when its eyes glow to shoot the lasers, stay right in front of its head. Just before it shoots the lasers, jump up. The lasers will track you, but they shouldn't last long enough to reach you if you're still immediately in front of the Stealth Sneak, during which time you can land a few more combos. Keep attacking the Stealth Sneak and periodically send your party after Clayton. Once you deplete the Stealth Sneak's HP completely, attack Clayton relentlessly; he isn't much of a threat by himself.

REWARD:  Sora learns the magic spell Cure

The Heart of the World

After defeating Clayton, Kerchak will throw Sora & co. onto the ledge near the waterfall; enter the cave to the left. Jump from ledge to ledge until you reach the highest ledge in the corner closest to the cave entrance; enter the larger cave ahead.

After sealing the Keyhole, you can create items in Camp, or attempt the Jungle Slider and Vine Swinging mini-games.

Sora seals his second Keyhole and obtains a Navi-G Piece. Tarzan gives Sora the Jungle King keychain, and the party can now perform Red Trinities. You are returned to the gummi ship automatically; return to Traverse Town to progress the story.

Examine the random objects scattered around the camp to obtain two recipe cards and three research notes. There are five in all:

Item Location Screenshot
Recipe Card 1 Examine the clock near the path to bamboo thicket.
Recipe Card 2 Examine the bottom of the flagpole.
Research Note 1 Examine laundry hanging to dry.
Research Note 2 Examine the globe to the right of the main tent.
Research Note 3 Examine the record player to the left of the main tent.

After obtaining both recipe cards, examine the table with lab equipment in order to begin the recipe; you must have a Potion in your item slot. After the Potion is placed, ice it by casting Blizzard on the table. The recipe will be complete and you will obtain a Hi-Potion.

After obtaining all three research notes, approach and examine the oven to begin the experiment; you must have a Potion in your item slot. The Potion is placed in the pot. To light the oven, strike the oven once to open the door, then lock-on to the oven and cast Fire. The experiment will be complete and you will receive Ether x2.

If you return to the Tunnel after defeating Clayton, the Jungle Slider mini-game will be available. Slide down the various courses and grab the fruits in each area. You must grab all ten fruits in each area to receive the reward.

You can slow Sora's speed by pressing down on the left analog stick; you may need to slow down to maneuver toward the fruit in some areas. An additional area becomes available when you successfully grab all ten fruits in an area.

To save time between successful and/or failed attempts, you can pause and select the "Restart" option; it will automatically return you to the Tunnel.

Slide # of Fruit Time Goal Reward
Green Serpent 10 0' 30" Elixir
Splash Tunnel 20 1' 20" AP Up
Jade Spiral 30 1' 40" Dark Matter
Panic Fall 40 2' 10" Defense Up
Shadow Cavern 50 2' 30" Power Up

The Vine Jump mini-game can be found in the area above the Hippos' Lagoon. Examine the large flower to choose which course you would like to maneuver through. Try to make it through each course within the time goal!

There are no items awarded for successfully making it to the finish line. If you fall into Hippos' Lagoon below, the trial will stop; you must return to the flower to try again.

The vine swinging mini-game can be easily cleared after obtaining the Glide or Superglide ability later in Sora's journey.

Course Description Time Goal
Jump Some vines are missing, so you'll have to jump at the top of your swing. 0' 45"
Trap Some vines are actually snakes! If you hang on them for too long, they'll drop you. 0' 45"
Acrobatic There aren't many vines now, so you'll have to get some major distance from your jump! 1' 00"
Expert A nasty combination of Trap and Acrobatic. Give it all you've got! 0' 50"