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After Sora regains consciousness, follow Pinocchio to the back of the area where a ship lies, as well as Pinocchio's father Geppetto. After speaking to Geppetto, follow Pinocchio into Chamber 1, located through the passage on the wall the left of the ship.

Follow Riku & Pinocchio

Upon entering Monstro's inner chambers, Sora will encounter Riku again, as he takes Pinocchio deeper into the whale. Make your way through each area until you reach Chamber 4. In order to reach Chamber 4, enter the passages in the following order: Chamber 1 ► 2 ► 3 ► 2 ► 5 ► 6 ► 5 ► 4.

The Search Ghosts found in Monstro are susceptible to magic; use your newly acquired Fira and Blizzara spells to defeat the quickly.


When you reach Chamber 4, Sora will find Riku and Pinocchio, but Pinocchio will run off. While Sora argues with Riku, Pinocchio lets out a scream. Save your progress at the nearby save station and enter the bowels.

Parasite Cage

HP: 450      EXP: 500      DIFFICULTY:

You can avoid damage by consistently guarding against this enemy's swinging arms. Strike its belly with 3-hit combos ONLY after guarding against its two-arm attack. If you do not have the Guard ability yet, you can remain on the platform near the entrance and attack between the enemy's arm swings.

REWARD:  Goofy learns the ability Cheer

High-Jump to Monstro's Throat

After Parasite Cage spits out Pinocchio and escapes, drop down the hole that opened up in the floor; the water level will lower in the mouth area, allowing you to access more ledges and perform a nearby Blue Trinity. At the front of the mouth on the highest ledge, there's a chest that contains Watergleam.

Geppetto has left a chest out on the ship for Sora; it contains the shared ability High Jump. Equip curative items (if needed) and save your game at the nearby save station. Equip High Jump and make your way to the throat (located above Chamber 1).

When you enter the throat, defeat the Heartless in the area and perform the blue trinity in the center of the area. Jump from ledge to ledge until you reach the stomach; Sora will witness Riku pass through darkness, as Parasite Cage descends from above.

Parasite Cage II

HP: 900      EXP: 1000      DIFFICULTY:

Parasite Cage has two new attacks this time: [1] If you venture too far from Parasite Cage, it will suck acid into its belly and spew it at you, depleting your HP gradually over time; try to avoid jumping to the outer platforms. [2] The enemy can also plant its arms in the floor and swing its entire body towards you; you can guard against this attack before it places both arms on the ground. It is wise to have Cure in your magic shortcut menu. The strategy for attacking is the same as before: strike the enemy only after its two-arm attacks (try to avoid using counterattack). If you attack its head directly for a while, it will stagger and open its mouth. When this happens, lock-on to the dark matter in its mouth and attack it relentlessly; you will receive HP balls for successful hits.

REWARD:  Sora learns the magic spell Stop

After defeating Parasite Cage a second time, the destructive battle causes Monstro's insides to quake; Sora & company are suddenly sneezed out of Monstro, with Pinocchio and Riku nowhere in sight. To proceed with the story, travel to the world in the lower right.

You can return to Traverse Town to access Geppetto's Workshop, return Torn Page #2 to the Hundred Acre Wood (if you picked it up in Agrabah), and acquire the Dumbo summon. You can also attempt the Pegasus Cup at Olympus Coliseum.