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After meeting Ariel and her friends, practice catching Flounder as he swims around (press circle button to rise, square button to dive). After a while, a group of strange Heartless appear.

This world is designed to make using physical attacks difficult, but using offensive magic like Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder is much more effective! The Sea Neons drop lots of MP balls to help keep your MP replenished. Equip the Treasure Magnet ability if you have it!

Swim to King Triton's Throne & Ariel's Grotto

After you defend Ariel from the Heartless, travel through each area and follow the tridents on the walls to reach Triton's throne. After meeting the well-tempered King Triton, swim to Ariel's Grotto nearby, which Ariel will point out to you.

While in the grotto, look for a Torn Page in a chest on one of the shelves!

Ride the Dolphin to the Sunken Ship

Leave the Grotto and return to the Calm Depths through the passage in the south. There is a purple sea urchin next to the wall; cast Fire magic on it twice to make it explode, revealing a hole in the wall.

Exit through this hole to reach the Undersea Valley. You will find a dolphin swimming around; if you approach and grab the dolphin, it will take you to a cave further up the jet-stream that is otherwise inaccessible. When the dolphin drops you off, enter the dark passage in front of you.

Find the Crystal Trident

NEW HEARTLESS: Sea Neon, Aquatank, Screwdiver

Enter the sunken ship through the stairway on the top deck. Open the chest near the far window, obtain the Crystal Trident. Upon approaching the chest, a large shark shatters the window and attempts to bite you; exit the ship to confront the shark.


HP: 200      EXP: 100      DIFFICULTY:

This battle can be skipped by escaping into another area; however, the shark must be defeated at least once in order to enter Ursula's lair later. The shark attacks with its teeth and its tail, both of which deal high damage. You can swim to its sides to avoid its teeth, and swim towards the screen to avoid its tail. It will stagger after a combo finisher, but only after swiping with its tail. It typically strikes with three or four bites, followed by a slower (and stronger) bite. The shark is resistant to most magic, but takes standard damage from Thunder magic.

REWARD:  Hi-Potion (100%),  Ether (80%),  Mega-Potion (30%)

You can leave and re-enter the Sunken Ship area to take on the Shark repeatedly, allowing you to stock up on Hi-Potions, Ethers, and Mega-Potions. You will need Ethers for the next boss battle!

Shortcut Back to Ariel's Grotto

Enter the cave at the bottom of the area; strike the spring in this cave to activate a jet stream that leads to the Undersea Valley. Ride the jet stream up and you will hit the large chest that was stuck in the ground; open it to receive an Orichalcum.

Return to Ariel's Grotto and place the Crystal Trident next to the trident symbol on the wall. King Triton arrives and smashes the Crystal Trident in his fury, accusing Sora of obstructing the peace. Swim to Triton's Palace, located northeast of Ariel's Grotto; it's discovered that the evil sea witch Ursula has stolen the trident.

To Triton's Palace & Ursula's Lair

Return to the Sunken Ship by going down the hole near Ariel's Grotto and examine the white panel on the far wall, behind the broken half of a ship. Sebastian will push it for you, allowing you to make your way to Ursula's lair.

If the Shark reappears at the Sunken Ship during this time, you must defeat it before examining the panel.

When you come to a fork, take the path on the right and you will enter the Cavern Nook. Equip Ethers and save your game. Return to the fork and take the left path until you reach Ursula's lair.


HP: 450      EXP: 1000      DIFFICULTY:

Make sure you have Ethers equipped before entering this fight. Lock-on to the cauldron in the center of the room and cast Fire magic on it; wait a few seconds between casts. After a few casts, you will see a big burst from the cauldron and hear Ursula scream; at that time, Ursula will be temporarily dazed. Use that opportunity to attack Ursula with the Keyblade relentlessly. When Ursula regains consciousness, swim away from her to avoid her spinning tentacles, then return to casting fire magic on the cauldron. If you run out of ethers, you can attack Flotsam and Jetsam nearby for more MP.

REWARD:  Sora learns the shared ability Mermaid Kick

Mermaid Kick Through the Jet-Stream

After the battle, Ursula will escape through a blocked passage. Return to the Cavern Nook, equip curative items if necessary, and save your game at the nearby save station. Equip the Mermaid Kick shared ability and return to the Calm Depths. Swim against the current of the jet-stream by pressing the circle button repeatedly until you reach a cave on the right that's labeled ???. Enter this cave to encounter Ursula once more.

Giant Ursula

HP: 900      EXP: 1500      DIFFICULTY:

This battle can be difficult and tedious due to Ursula's immense size and powerful attacks; the key to avoiding damage is to keep moving with Mermaid Kick. Strike Ursula's face with the Keyblade to deal damage. Avoid Ursula's bubbles by swimming to either side. When Ursula tries to suck you in, swim toward the screen using Mermaid Kick (try to keep close to her without making contact; this will give you more time to attack). When she fires a beam from her mouth, try to swim behind her head and strike her from that position. If you manage to reach the back of her head, you will be safe from her bubbles, beam, and inhalation attacks. When half of Ursula's HP is depleted, she will begin to use a series powerful lightning strikes that inflict a heavy amount of damage. Whenever you hear "This won't be pretty!", swim away from her immediately, then return to deal more damage.

REWARD:  Sora learns the magic spell Thundara, Ansem Report 3

After defeating Ursula, return to Ariel's Grotto with the Trident in order to seal the Keyhole. Ariel will give Sora the magic-empowering Crabclaw keychain. Return to the gummi ship through any save station and travel to the world above Agrabah.