Halloween Town
x21 x2 x4

Upon arrival, Sora & company notice that the Heartless are, in fact, harmless. Enter through the lab entryway across the courtyard, then proceed up the steps and into the lab. Sora meets Jack Skellington and the Doctor: two Halloween Town locals who are currently trying to create a heart.

While in the lab, examine the bookshelf to receive a Torn Page.

Find Sally in the Graveyard

Speak with the Doctor and he will assign Sora the task of finding his assistant (and experimental daughter) Sally, in order to obtain an element for their heart. Exit the Lab Entryway, travel left and around the corner to the Graveyard. Defeat all of the Heartless found here to receive the Forget-Me-Not from Sally.

Find the Mayor Past the Graveyard

NEW HEARTLESS: Wight Knight, Gargoyle

Return to the Lab and speak with the Doctor; he will now task Sora to find the Mayor. Return to the Graveyard and examine the coffin at the far end of the area; talk to the Mayor, then examine the gravestones in the order that the ghosts appear out of them. When done successfully, a large pumpkin behind you will explode, revealing a treasure chest. Open this chest to receive the Jack-In-The-Box.

Return to the Lab once more. Sora & co. witness three mischievous kids steal the Doctor's heart experiment. The Doctor pleads Sora and Jack to track down the three kids and retrieve his experiment.

Climb Oogie's Manor

Return to the area where you found the Mayor, then examine the tomb to the right of the blasted pumpkin to reach Moonlight Hill. Examine the small crooked tombstone next to the hill; this will cause the hill to extend to the next area. Cross the bridge and travel through the iron gates to reach the Manor, then make your way up the Manor to the Evil Playroom all the way at the very top.

If you fall below the manor, approach and examine the bathtub walking around the base of the manor to be taken back to the starting point.

Lock, Shock, Barrel

HP: 450      EXP: 540      DIFFICULTY:

Focus your attacks on one kid at a time, but try to keep the other kids in your field of vision so you can avoid incoming attacks. If you defeat them in the correct order (Lock, Shock Barrel), you will gain the maximum amount of EXP for the fight; otherwise, the EXP of each will be reduced by ten percent. Lock (the red one) leaps high across the room to avoid the fight; use aerial combos to defeat him first. Shock (with the witche's hat) will use a spinning attack that staggers Sora; use High Jump, Dodge Roll, and/or Guard to avoid damage, then follow up with Fire or Blizzard magic (or full ground combos). Barrel (with the round white mask) will quickly dash around the room, dealing damage to anything in his path; use Dodge Roll to steer clear, then close in and deal combos.


Find Oogie's Lair

After the kids are defeated, strike the lever near the wall; this will open a passage to Oogie's lair below the manor. Save your progress in the playroom before leaving. You will find the green door with Oogie's face on it under the bridge connecting the manor to the cliff; enter through this passage to confront Oogie.

CAUTION: If you are playing the Playstation 2 NA version, you must perform the Red Trinity in the manor entrance at this time. It will become unavailable for the rest of the game if you defeat Oogie Boogie first.

Oogie Boogie

HP: 450      EXP: 2500      DIFFICULTY:

Keep your distance from Oogie when he throws his flaming dice. When he tosses the red dice, try to guard or hit them for technique points. Oogie's attack pattern is tied to the values on the dice he rolls:

  • All One's = Buzzsaw, avoid by jumping or using Dodge Roll
  • All Two's = 2 Gargoyle Heartless are summoned
  • All Three's = 2 Wight Knight Heartless are summoned
  • All Four's = Scythes, avoidable by running with them, then back-stepping the closest blade
  • All Five's = 2 Search Ghost Heartless are summoned
  • All Six's = Oogie will recover HP

When the buttons around the center glow, jump on the one that Oogie is near; if done correctly, you will have him trapped. Use this opportunity to attack Oogie relentlessly. Oogie will eventually jump upward and force you back into the center.

REWARD:  Holy Circlet,  Ansem Report 7

After the cutscene, you'll be placed on the top of the cliff. If you wish to prepare for the next fight, you can return to the Bridge area to open the menu. If you've already dropped down, the Bridge area can still be reached via the passage near the river.

Oogie's Manor

HP: 90 (ea)      EXP: 2500      DIFFICULTY:

Find and attack the seven dark blobs scattered over the exterior of the manor; watch the tutorial video for a list of locations. You can ignore the normal Heartless, or strike them with magic if they are giving you trouble. The small flames are not a major threat if you keep moving. You can get up to a level where you can use Blizzard magic on the lantern he swings and gain many technique points. There is also a lantern around his neck that gives you technique points.

REWARD:  Sora learns the magic spell Gravira

After defeating Oogie Boogie once and for all, Jack gives Sora the Pumpkinhead keychain. You may return to the gummi ship through a save station; to proceed with the story, travel to the world to the right of Halloween Town.