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Travel through the door at the end of the hallway, then approach the small wooden door that the rabbit escaped through. The doorknob instructs Sora to use the bottle on the table in order to grow smaller.

Follow the White Rabbit

Before using the bottle, walk towards the bed in the corner and push it; the bed will slide into the wall, revealing a new passageway. Proceed to drink from the bottle on the table, then travel through the passage in the corner.

Sora & co. will step into the middle of Alice's court trial. The Queen decides to keep Alice detained, and orders Sora to gather evidence to prove Alice's innocence. Save your progress at the nearby save station and enter the passageway near the west wall.

Evidence for the Trial


Sora & company encounter the Cheshire Cat, who informs them that there are four pieces of evidence scattered around Wonderland that will help prove Alice's innocence. Here's how to get all four pieces of evidence:

  1. Give a Potion to the large yellow flower to grow large.
  2. Jump on the nearby stump to cause the lillypad to rise.
  3. Take the fruit and eat it, causing you to grow small again.
  4. Travel around the alcove on the right to find Footprints.
  5. Keep traveling into the forest until you find a set of three mushrooms; jump on these to reach the Antennae on a lillypad.
  6. Return to the alcove where you found your first piece of evidence, and use the mushrooms there to reach the higher lillypads. Enter the passage nearest you to reach the stove-top in the Bizarre Room and obtain the Stench.
  7. Return to the Lotus Forest by traveling through the Queen's Castle and through the passage on the west wall. Climb the mushrooms in the alcove once more, but this time travel south across the newly risen lillypad to reach the passage in the southeast corner. This will drop you to the faucet on the wall of the Bizarre Room. Carefully jump to your right to obtain the final piece of evidence, the Claw Marks.

You are only required to obtain at least one piece of evidence before returning to the Queen of Hearts. If you manage to gather all four pieces of evidence, the Cheshire Cat will appear and teach Sora the magic spell Blizzard.

Once you have retrieved all four pieces of evidence (or as many as you wish), return to the Queen's Castle and speak to one of the card soldiers in front of the podium. You may choose whichever box you want, but exercise caution: the contents of the box could be a Heartless, or it could also be Donald, Goofy, or both of your friends (in which case, Donald and/or Goofy will be caged in the following skirmish).

Playing Cards

HP: 60 / 45      EXP: 100      DIFFICULTY:

If Donald and/or Goofy are imprisoned, you can attack their cages to release them. Attack the levers on the small tower in the center of the courtyard. To avoid the card soldiers' attacks, it's best if you move in a circle around the tower and jump before striking it. You can attack the card soldiers until they are briefly incapacitated; however, they do not give you EXP, and they quickly recover after being knocked out. You can also jump on the Queen's bench and strike her, causing her to lose her balance and the card soldiers to worry. Each time you destroy a piece of the tower, HP balls and munny will be released. While you're on the ground, use your dodge roll to avoid damage from the card soldiers.


Brighten the Bizarre Room


After the skirmish, return to the Lotus Forest (through the passageway on the west wall) to encounter the Cheshire Cat again. After the encounter, travel to the Tea Party Garden, located through a passage along the back wall of Lotus Forest.

Enter the Bizarre Room by walking through the door of the cottage on the left. You will see that everything is upside-down in this room. Jump on top of the lanterns in the center of the room and touch both of them. After lighting the second lantern, open the metal latch on the far wall to enter the Queen's Castle.

Jump down and save your progress at the nearby save station, then enter the Bizarre Room through the southern passage. Examine the flower in the corner to receive HP Balls, two Potions, and a Mythril Shard. Jump on the table, equip some curative items, and talk to the Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire Cat vanishes, and a large Heartless appears from the shadows.


HP: 600      EXP: 150      DIFFICULTY:

Trickmaster has two juggling pins that it can light on fire and strike you with, but have a limited swinging range. There are two ways to attack this enemy: [1] Lock-on to it and attack from its underside by jumping and striking once. This method is tedious, because you can only attack once while in the air. [2] A more effective method is to use the table in the corner to jump from to attack. This allows you to strike the Trickmaster's center with complete midair combos. When HP balls are released, it bends over to the ground for a short period of time, allowing you to deal lots of damage. Dodge roll or guard to avoid taking damage from the enemy's fire attacks.

REWARD:  Ifrit's Horn

If all four pieces of evidence were not found, Sora will learn the magic spell Blizzard after defeating Trickmaster.

After Trickmaster is defeated, Sora seals a Keyhole; a loud locking sound is heard and a strange-looking Gummi pops out; Donald holds onto the Navi-G Piece. You can exit the world and return to the gummi ship through the save station at the Queen's Castle. Travel to the world below Traverse Town.

Before you leave Wonderland, you can explore more of the Bizarre Room, and gain prizes from the Lotus Forest flowers and by sitting in the chairs in the Tea Party Garden.

It's time to celebrate your unbirthday! Travel to the Tea Party Garden and observe the written sign on the far wall twice. Sit in each of the chairs to receive HP/MP balls and other prizes. When you sit in some chairs, Heartless will appear; after defeating the Heartless, go back to Lotus Forest and return to the Tea Party Garden to cause the chairs to appear again.

The large flowers along the walls of the Lotus Forest will ask you to give them items in exchange for better ones. Use the chart below to locate each flower.

Location Required Item Prize(s) Awarded Screenshot
Yellow - across from entrance to Queen's Castle Potion Makes Sora grow large
Red - across from entrance to Queen's Castle Ether Camping Set, HP orbs
Yellow - in the alcove in the center of the area Potion Hi-Potion, MP orbs
Red - along the wall in the center of the area Ether Camping Set, HP orbs
Red - in the alcove accessible via raised lillypads Hi-Potion Mega-Potion, MP orbs
Pink - in the alcove accessible via raised lillypads Thunder Thundara-G
Yellow - in the alcove accessible via Bizarre Room painting Elixir Mythril Shard, 105 munny
Yellow - in the alcove accessible via Bizarre Room painting Potion Hi-Potion, MP orbs
Pink - in the alcove accessible via Bizarre Room painting Thunder Puppies #58-60