Sora & company can pick up Torn Pages in various worlds. These pages should be returned to Merlin's Old Book in Traverse Town. With each Torn Page returned, more of the Hundred Acre Wood will become accessible.

Torn Page Locations

Torn Page World Area Instructions Screenshot
Torn Page 1 Agrabah Cave of Wonders: Dark Chamber On a platform in the center of the area; accessible by swimming up a waterfall in the Relic Chamber.
Torn Page 2 Monstro Chamber 6 On a high bluish-green platform, across from the entrance to Chamber 4.
Torn Page 3 Atlantica Ariel's Grotto In a chest on a shelf about halfway up, with some vases and a picture frame.
Torn Page 4 Halloween Town Research Lab Examine the bookcase across from the Doctor.
Torn Page 5 Traverse Town Dalmatian Plantation Return more than 50 puppies to Pongo and Perdita