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Travel through the open passage in front of you to reach the main street, then enter the house labeled "???" by climbing the wooden pole around the corner on your right.

The Heartless have pinned down an enchanted carpet under a dresser; move the dresser to free the magic carpet, then exit the house. Enter the alley, located through the passage on the west side of main street.

Sora will encounter Jasmine and the sinister Jafar. Defeat the Heartless in the area using the Keyblade and magic at your disposal (the Blizzard spell's wide arc is ideal in this closed space).

Find Aladdin

After defeating the Heartless, travel to the city's outer wall, located through the south exit of the plaza (travel south from where you first arrived in Agrabah). Save your progress at the nearby save station and allow the carpet to take you to the desert.

Sora finds Aladdin in the desert as Heartless flood the area. Use Fire magic and quick ground combos to dispose of the Heartless. When you return to Agrabah, the main path to Main Street is blocked; you will need to climb the nearby building and go through the Alley to proceed.

Unlock the Way

NEW HEARTLESS: Bandit, Barrel Spider, Fat Bandit

In order to reach Jafar, you must find and release the small locks found on walls in the following areas:

Area Location Screenshot
Alley On a ledge, across from the entrance to Plaza.
Aladdin's House Move the dresser along the back wall to reveal it.
Bazaar On a high ledge across from the entrance to Main Street.

After releasing all three locks, return to Aladdin's house and save your progress. Exit the house using the pole to the left of the stairs; adjust your camera to show the plaforms on your right and you will see a passage to the Palace Gates on the ledge across the way. Enter through this passage, equip curative items as needed, and jump down to Jafar.

Pot Centipede

HP: 600      EXP: 250      DIFFICULTY:

Focus your attacks on its head; the tail piece is also vulnerable to damage, but it's more difficult to maneuver around. When you see its antennae glow blue, dodge roll out away to avoid damage. When both ends are connected to a series of Pot Spiders, land a combo finisher in its mid-section to break it apart. The Pot Spiders sometimes clutter battlefield; try to defeat the Pot Spiders in each section before moving on. Keep in mind that magic is highly effective against Pot Spiders; a well-positioned Blizzard spell can be very effective.

REWARD:  Ray of Light

To the Desert

Before heading to the desert, return to Aladdin's house to save your progress and equip curative items as needed. You can travel between areas in Agrabah to defeat Heartless and gain EXP to level up your party at this time. When you are ready to proceed, return to the desert through the south exit in the plaza and approach the large mound of sand.

Cave of Wonders

HP: 380      EXP: 400      DIFFICULTY:

Send your party members to attack the lesser Heartless by locking on to them and pressing the triangle button twice. Attack sparingly and use evasive maneuvers until the cave buries its nose into the ground. At that time, jump onto its nose and remain there (without attacking) until the cave returns to an upright position. Attack the eyes using ground combos, but refrain from running around while the cave is flailing from side to side. Casting Aero helps keep your defenses up during this battle. If you fall off of the nose at any time, dodge roll to either side of the cave to avoid taking damage. Always be aware of your HP during this battle; the Marauders and Air Soldiers have powerful attacks that can still reach you while you're on top of the cave.


Open the Lamp Chamber

Enter the Cave of Wonders and drop down into the darkness on your immediate right to reach the Relic Chamber. Make your way through the Dark Chamber and Silent Chamber to reach the Hidden Room. When you reach the Hidden Room, climb out of the water and onto the platform, then jump at the stone support column and strike it with the Keyblade.

In order to interact with far-away statues in the underground chambers, Aladdin must be in your party; Abu will jump to the statue in order to activate it.

The column should collapse, allowing you access to the Lamp Chamber through the passageways above. Return to the Silent Chamber by the way you came and ascend the stairs to return to the upper levels of the cave. Save your progress at the save station in the Treasure Room, equip curative items, and enter the Lamp Chamber.


HP: 500      EXP: 600      DIFFICULTY:

Jump from the three stone platforms along the walls and strike Jafar with aerial combos. Position your camera so that you keep track of Genie's position. If you are hit by Genie, he will release HP/munny that you can pick up. When Jafar starts to say an incantation that ends with a hiss, dodge roll out of the way to avoid being hit by the beam from his staff. Using magic on Jafar will cause him to create a barrier and light his staff; he will then close in and attack you at ground level. You can use this to your advantage by guarding against his attack and getting a few extra hits on him.

REWARD:  Sora learns the magic spell Blizzara

If you wish, exit the lamp chamber and save your progress in the Treasure Room. When you're ready to proceed, approach Jasmine and jump down into the lower chamber to face Jafar once more.

Jafar Genie

HP: 750      EXP: 730      DIFFICULTY:

Refrain from attacking Jafar directly; instead, attack the lamp held by Iago while periodically guarding against Jafar's large boulders. The smaller platforms move up and down periodically, so it's best to wait for Iago to fly across the center platform before attacking. Keep away from the edge of the main platform, as Jafar will run his arm across the platform to strike you. Don't bother using magic on Jafar; this only prevents him from attacking and deals minimal damage. Iago will eventually drop the lamp onto one of the far platforms for a short period of time; take this opportunity to land as many hits on the lamp as possible.

REWARD:  Sora learns the magic spell Fira,  Ansem's Report 1

After sealing Jafar in his lamp, Aladdin uses his last wish to free Genie, who agrees to go with Sora as a summon. Aladdin rewards Sora with the Three Wishes keychain, and the party gains the ability to perform Green Trinities. You can return to the gummi ship through any save station at this time.

You can return to Traverse Town to access the Synthesis Room, return Torn Page #1 to the Hundred Acre Wood (if you picked it up in Agrabah), and acquire the Bambi summon.

Kurt Zisa

HP: 1500      EXP: 10000      DIFFICULTY:

The Kurt Zisa is an optional boss in Agrabah that becomes available after sealing the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion. When you're ready to take on Kurt Zisa, talk to the Magic Carpet in Aladdin's House and choose to go to the desert. Winning the match will grant Sora the Zantetsuken ability and Ansem's Report 11.

Check out our detailed Kurt Zisa video tutorial on YouTube!

Preparing for Kurt Zisa

It is strongly recommended that Sora is level 75 or higher before attempting this match. Aladdin should be in the party in place of Donald. Sora and party members should have all MP Rage and MP Haste abilities equipped and a few Elixirs or Ethers on hand.

The Thundaga and Aerora/ga magic spells should be assigned to your shortcuts menu. Sora should equip a magic-boosting keychain like Spellbinder or Oathkeeper, as well as defense-boosting accessories like the Heartguard or Gaia Bangle.

Phase 1 Strategy

Kurt Zisa starts by casting Silence on the party, prohitibing magic and summons use until the next phase. Use dodge roll and keep your distance when Kurt Zisa uses its forward slash and swings its blades. Strike the glowing orbs in its hands with aerial combos in between its attacks. Restorative items are still usable during this phase if needed.

When the HP of the glowing orbs in Kurt Zisa's hands is depleted, HP orbs will drop along with the occasional Mega-Potion (8%), Mega-Ether (5%), or Elixir (2%). Be sure to pick them up!

When both orbs are destroyed, Kurt Zisa will stagger and fall to the ground. Use this opportunity to deal aerial combos to the snake head relentlessly. You can guard against its bite attacks for Tech Points when positioned in front of it. You can also use magic at this point, so cure or cast aero as needed.

Phase 2 Strategy

When Kurt Zisa recovers, it will generate a protective shell around itself and float around the perimeter, casting offensive spells. Use dodge roll to avoid the tornadoes and orbs of light, then use offensive spells against the barrier. Thundaga magic is especially effective against the barrier. You can summon Bambi during this phase in order to restore your MP periodically.

Alternatively, you can summon Dumbo, Genie, or Mushu and use their offensive magic abilities against the barrier!

When the barrier's HP is depleted, Kurt Zisa will stagger and return to biting; strike the snake head with relentless aerial combos during this time. When Kurt Zisa recovers, it will re-cast silence on the party and return to phase 1 attacks, so be sure to cure and cast aero magic before this happens!

Phase 3 Strategy

After its first two HP bars are depleted, Kurt Zisa will add a devastating attack to its Phase 1 repertoire: it will spin into the air and strike you with horizontal and vertical spin attacks. You can High Jump and Glide over the horizontal attack, but the vertical attack is tricky: you'll need to lock on and dodge roll at a 50-degree angle to the left or right just before the attack makes contact.