Summons become available during Sora's second visit to Traverse Town. If you bring rare summon gems the Fairy Godmother (located in Merlin's Study), she will help Sora learn how to summon various characters to aid him in battle. Other summons are acquired from story events.

Summons are called upon using the Summons option in the Command Menu. Using a summon requires a minimum amount of MP, and both of your party members must be present and conscious.

You can equip select Keychains and Accessories to increase your summoning power! To extend the length of time summons are active, equip the Cheer ability to each party member.

JUMP TO: Simba Bambi Genie Dumbo Tinkerbell Mushu


Simba is acquired by giving the Fairy Godmother Earthshine, provided to Sora by Leon during Sora's second visit to Traverse Town. When summoned, Simba's roar can be used to damage enemies in a wide area. Hold the triangle button to fill the CHG gauge; release the triangle button to unleash Simba's Proud Roar attack. Bear in mind that any damage taken while filling the CHG gauge will interrupt the process. Costs 2 MP.


Bambi is acquired by giving the Fairy Godmother Naturespark, awarded to Sora by returning the first Torn Page to the Hundred Acre Wood. When summoned, Bambi will release MP orbs whenever he is near Sora. As Sora defeats Heartless, Bambi's CHG gauge fills. When this gauge fills completely, Bambi will drop restoratives and synthesis items, and these items increase in quality and rarity every time the CHG gauge is filled completely. Use the table below to determine which areas to summon Bambi for maximum effectiveness. Costs 1 MP.

World Area(s) Gauges Filled Items Dropped

Traverse Town
Gizmo Shop, Second District, Third District 1 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%)
Blazing Shard (40%)
3 Mega-Potion (100%)
Blazing Shard (60%)
Blazing Gem (30%)

Bizarre Room, Lotus Forest 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%)
Frost Shard (40%)
3 Mega-Potion (100%)
Frost Shard (60%)
Frost Gem (30%)

Deep Jungle
Camp, Bamboo Thicket, Cliff, Treehouse 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%)
Thunder Shard (40%)
3 Mega-Potion (100%)
Thunder Shard (60%)
Thunder Gem (30%)

Desert, Hall, Treasure Room 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%)
Bright Shard (40%)
3 Mega-Potion (100%)
Bright Shard (60%)
Bright Gem (30%)

Chamber 5, Chamber 6 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%)
Lucid Shard (40%)
3 Mega-Potion (100%)
Lucid Shard (60%)
Lucid Gem (30%)

Halloween Town
Graveyard, Moonlight Hill, Manor Ruins 1 Mega-Potion (100%)
2 Mega-Ether (100%)
Power Shard (40%)
3 Elixir (100%)
Power Shard (60%)
Power Gem (30%)

Hold, Captain's Cabin, Pirate Ship 1 Mega-Potion (100%)
2 Mega-Ether (100%)
Spirit Shard (40%)
3 Elixir (100%)
Spirit Shard (60%)
Spirit Gem (30%)

Hollow Bastion
Entrance Hall, Grand Crest, Grand Hall 1 Mega-Potion (100%)
2 Mega-Ether (100%)
Lucid Gem (40%)
3 Elixir (100%)
Lucid Gem (60%)
Lucid Crystal (30%)

End of the World
Linked Worlds 2 1 Mega-Ether (100%)
2 Elixir (100%)
Mythril Shard (40%)
3 Megalixir (100%)
Mythril Shard (60%)
Mythril (30%)

1 Minimum number of enemies to reach tier 3 only present prior to Kairi's rescue in Hollow Bastion.

2 Minimum number of enemies to reach tier 3 only present during first visit to area. Bambi does not drop synthesis items from respective worlds in the World Terminus portals; only Mythril items will drop here.


Genie joins Sora as a summon after defeating Jafar Genie in Agrabah. When summoned, Genie uses offensive magic to aid Sora in battle. To use Genie's abilities, lock-on to an enemy and select Showtime by pressing the triangle button: Genie will cast a variety of spells at multiple opponents. Genie's magic is most effective when fighting larger groups of Heartless. Costs 2 MP.


Dumbo is acquired by giving the Fairy Godmother Watergleam, found within a chest inside the Mouth area of Monstro. When summoned, Sora will ride Dumbo and guide him toward enemies. Press the circle button to rise and the square button to descend. Pressing the triangle button will allow Dumbo to use the Splash command, striking enemies in front of him with a powerful stream of water. Sora will not take damage while Dumbo is summoned, making him incredibly useful in tight situations and for defeating Gigas Shadow in Wonderland. Costs 3 MP.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is acquired as a summon after sealing the Keyhole in Neverland. When summoned, Tinker Bell will periodically heal the entire party over the course of battle, and will remain active until dismissed or if Sora falls in battle. In the event of the latter, Tinker Bell will save Sora from KO and heal him before leaving. Tinker Bell is incredibly useful in long and difficult boss fights. Costs 3 MP.


Mushu is acquired by giving the Fairy Godmother Fireglow, obtained after defeating Maleficent Dragon in Hollow Bastion. When summoned, Mushu can shoot rapid fireballs at targeted enemies using the Fire Breath command. The fireballs can track locked-on enemies, making them effective against airborne enemies. Costs 3 MP.