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After a brief and unexpected encounter with Riku, Sora & company are introduced to Peter Pan, who explains that he's looking for a girl named Wendy, another prisoner of Captain Hook's. Save your game at the nearby save station and exit the hold.

Reach the Captain's Quarters

NEW HEARTLESS: Pirate, Battleship, Air Pirate

Climb up the ladder on the opposite wall, then travel through the door on the right. Drop down the hole in this room and climb the ladder on the opposite side, fighting the shadow-Sora and Heartless along the way.

In each area, the shadow-Sora will float around and attempt to kick you. Each time you deplete his HP, he will drop a Mega-Potion and sometimes an Elixir. This is a great way to stock up on useful items before continuing on.

Jump through the open hole in the ceiling on the right and perform the Green Trinity in this room to bring the ladder down (both Donald and Goofy are required to unseal trinities; if Peter is in your party, use the save station to switch party members). Equip curative items as needed, then climb the ladder. Riku will take Kairi away and leave Anti-Sora to dispose of Sora.


HP: 750      EXP: 2000      DIFFICULTY:

Anti-Sora has high attack power, though he has a limited area to attack in; you can dodge roll to avoid most of these attacks. Alternatively, you can guard against attacks and follow up with a counterattack. When Anti-Sora sinks into the ground, it will duplicate and make replicas of itself. Lock-on to one and use L2 and R2 to switch targets in order to find the target with a large amount of HP; that's the real Anti-Sora. Once you strike it, the replicas will disappear. If you manage to complete a combo on the enemy, it will vanish for a second, then reappear and use a finishing move; use your dodge roll or guard to avoid damage.

REWARD:  Raven's Claw

Find Wendy & Reach the Deck

After your battle with Anti-Sora, look for a compartment in the floor that leads to the room where Wendy and Kairi were being kept (near the door leading to the deck); examine the board in the floor and drop down into the room below. Save your progress and equip curative items if necessary. When you are ready, travel down the hallway and climb up the ladder again to reach the captain's quarters, then enter through the door in the corner to reach the deck.

At this point you are able to fly (press the circle button to ascend, square button to descend). The controls feel similar to swimming, but with greater speed.

Defeat all of the Heartless in the area while flying. After you clear the deck of Heartless, Sora will learn the magic spell Cura. Peter plays a trick on the captain to lure him out of his quarters. After being made painfully aware of the trick played on him, Captain Hook draws his sword for combat.

Captain Hook

HP: 900      EXP: 3400      DIFFICULTY:

Land full combos between Hook's attacks; you can do this while flying or on the ground. You can avoid Hook's presents by flying closer to him. If you connect with a complete combo, Hook will sometimes fall over the edge of the ship, after which he will run through the air to the center of the ship. While he is falling, you have a good opportunity to land a few hits on him. If you are feel comfortable with flying, you can swoop down and hit him twice, then fly up again to dodge his attacks.

REWARD:  Sora learns the ability Ars Arcanum,  Ansem Report 9

After forcing Hook off of the ship, Sora & co. fly with Peter to the clock tower in London to return Wendy home. Lock-on to the minute hand that is not yet at twelve (XII) and strike it until it hits midnight. Sora uses the Keyblade to seal the Keyhole and receives a Navi-G Piece. Peter will give Sora the Fairyharp keychain and the Glide shared ability, and Tinkerbell joins the party as a summon. You can return to the gummi ship through the save station on top of the clock tower.


The clock tower is set to your game's play time (for example: if your game play time is 16:45, the clock tower will read 4:45). The clock tower will reward you with one item for each of the 12 hours on the clock face. For example, if your game play time is 26:30, it means that the clock tower reads 2:30, which allows you to receive the item from the 2:00 door.

Examine the door that has a light above it to receive the item. If you don't remember which items you've collected, the clock on the front side of the tower has lights over the hours for which you've collected items. Remember to check every hour! If you forget an item, you'll have to wait another 11 hours to get it.

If you've already sealed the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion, you will need to defeat the Phantom at the clock tower before you can access the clock tower again.

Hour Item Hour Item
1:00 Orichalcum 7:00 AP Up
2:00 Power Up 8:00 Defense Up
3:00 Mythril Shard 9:00 Orichalcum
4:00 Power Up 10:00 Defense Up
5:00 AP Up 11:00 Mythril Shard
6:00 Mythril 12:00 Megalixir

HP: 1200      EXP: 9999      DIFFICULTY:

The Phantom is an optional boss in Neverland that becomes available after sealing the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion. When you're ready to take on the Phantom, talk to Tinker Bell in the Ship: Cabin area and choose to go to the Clock Tower. Winning the match will grant Sora Stopga magic.

Preparing for the Phantom

It is strongly recommended that Sora is level 65 or higher before attempting this match. Peter Pan must be in the party for this fight, and Goofy should be in the party with MP Gift equipped. Sora and party members should have all MP Rage and MP Haste abilities equipped and a few Elixirs or Ethers on hand.

The Stopra and Aerora/ga magic spells should be assigned to your shortcuts menu. Sora should equip a magic-boosting keychain like Spellbinder or Oathkeeper, as well as magic-boosting accessories like the Atlas Armlet, Crystal Crown, or Ray of Light.

It is highly recommended that you obtain Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga magic before attempting this fight!


The Phantom casts a Doom spell on the clock tower at the start of the battle: the clock will start counting down, and a counter will appear above one of your party members. To prevent the Doom counter from counting down, you must periodically lock-on to the clock tower's hands and cast Stop magic on them.

If the clock strikes midnight (i.e. the Doom counter reaches zero), that party member will be incapacitated for the remainder of the fight. A Doom counter will then be placed above your next party member. If that party member is also incapacitated, a final Doom counter will be cast on Sora.

The Phantom only takes damage to the heart that floats beneath its cloak, and it will only take damage based on the color of the heart:

When you successfully damage the heart, don't fly away immediately; you will have plenty of time to see and prepare for the next heart color! When the Phantom flies to the front of the clock tower and starts forming something in its mouth, fly to the side of the clock tower to avoid its dark attack. Alternatively, you can cast Aerora/ga magic on yourself and start flying down with sharp turns; this will free you from the spell.

Watch your MP! You should always have at least 2 MP on hand in case you need to stop the clock tower. If you equipped items to Goofy and Peter, they may periodically use them to replenish your MP (you can adjust their combat settings in the Customize menu). Use items equipped to Sora only when party members cannot assist when replenishing your MP. If absolutely necessary, you can allow the Phantom to strike Sora with its claws; if you have MP Rage/Haste equipped, this will give you a small amount of MP without having to use your items.

Don't forget to cast Stop on the clock tower! You should be ready to cast it every 30-45 seconds, or after about five attacks from the Phantom.