Hollow Bastion
x38 x5 x4

Make your way up the floating blocks of ice using your High Jump and newly acquired glide ability. After reaching the halfway point, Donald & Goofy will leave the party, and the injured Beast will join your party.

Descend the Castle to the Waterway

NEW HEARTLESS: Darkball, Defender, Wizard, Wyvern

Allow Beast to defeat the Heartless during this time, as the Wooden Sword has virtually no power against them. Continue to ascend the floating platforms and examine the pedestal at the top in order to reach the castle. When you arrive, turn right and examine the node at the edge of the area to descend; jump into the bubble in the northeast corner to enter the waterway.

Unlock the Castle Doors

Once you are in the waterway, save your progress at the nearby save station. Use the Call command on breakable walls. Jump into the higher bubble, then use the switches on the walls to reach the next bubble.

In the next room, examine the switch to raise the platform, then examine the large mechanism that opens the castle door. Once you activate it, return to the castle by the way you came and continue into the entrance hall.


HP: 500      EXP: 2000      DIFFICULTY:

Riku's attacks are very quick, but limited in variety. You can use the guard ability to parry his forward strikes, then follow up with a counterattack to deal damage. I find it is best not to complete your attack combo, as Riku will recover and start attacking you before you can move. If you are struck by one of his attacks, dodge roll away and heal if needed.

REWARD:  Sora can now perform White Trinities

Return the Library Books

Enter through the doors on the left above the left staircase to reach the library. Books are scattered all around the library; you will find some on the floor and others on the wrong shelf. Return the books to their corresponding collections to reach the upper balcony of the entrance hall.

Instructions Screenshot
Pick up Khama Vol. 8 on the ground in the corner.
Place Khama Vol. 8 in the bookcase opposite where the book was.
Pick up Mava Vol. 6 from the last shelf on the second floor.
Activate the Green Trinity on the second floor to pick up Azal Vol. 3.
Pick up Theon Vol. 6 from the table on the second floor.
Place Azal Vol. 3 on the shelf in the middle of the first floor.
Take Salegg Vol. 6 from the shelf of green volumes on the first floor.
Examine the empty space on the right side of the same shelf to place Mava Vol. 6.
Place Salegg Vol. 6 in the shelf directly opposite from the previous shelf.
Pick up Nahara Vol. 5 from the shelf in the middle of the first floor.
Place Nahara Vol. 5 on the third shelf along the wall of the second floor.
Pick up Mava Vol. 3 from newly accessible shelf in front of you.
Place Mava Vol. 3 in the remaining empty space on the shelf in the corner of the first floor.
Pick up Hafet Vol. 4 from the small desk in front of you.
Place Hafet Vol. 4 on the receded shelf along the wall of the second floor.
Place Theon Vol. 6 on the last shelf along the wall of the second floor.
Push the exposed button on the wall to unlock the door leading to the entrance hall balcony.

Gather the Emblem Pieces

Now you must find the four Emblem Pieces hidden behind puzzles scattered around the second floor of the entrance hall:

Instructions Screenshot
Break the pots next to the statue near the doors to the library. The emblem piece will drop from the fountain below.
Light the candles along the walls using fire magic. The flame in the center of the area will go out, revealing an emblem piece.
Perform the Red Trinity on the statue on the sound end of the hall. The statue will fall and shatter, revealing an emblem piece.
Push the statue on the wall opposite from library doors. A chest will appear on a platform below, containing the last piece.
Cast Thunder magic on the obelisk marked with a lightning symbol to allow the platforms to move.

If you need more MP to cast spells, you can strike the gargoyle heads between the candles along the wall - they'll drop MP orbs that you can pick up. You can also return to the save station on the library's second floor.

Ascend to the Castle Chapel

Save your progress in the library and examine the door at the back of the entrance hall to insert the four emblem pieces and unseal the way. Make your way through the upper levels of the castle until you reach the Castle Chapel. When you reach the Castle Chapel, equip curative items and set Gravity magic to your shortcut menu, then walk to the back of the area.

Lost in Hollow Bastion? Need help reaching the Castle Chapel? Watch our tutorial video on YouTube!


HP: 900      EXP: 6000      DIFFICULTY:

Maleficent rides on a levitating platform while trying to strike you; use Gravity magic on the platform to bring it crashing down, then lock-on to Maleficent and attack with aerial combos. When you hear Maleficent cry "Meteors of Heaven, unleash thy fury," stay on either side of the chapel to avoid the large meteors. If you see purple thunder gathering above Maleficent, run around to dodge the bolts. Maleficent may summon Defenders to come to her aid; lock-on to them and press the triangle button to send Donald and Goofy to attack them. Keep an eye on your HP while close to Maleficent and heal as needed.

REWARD:  Donald learns the ability Cheer,  Ansem Report 5

When you are ready to proceed, equip curative items as needed, save your progress at the nearby save station, and enter through the dark portal.

Maleficent Dragon

HP: 1200      EXP: 6000      DIFFICULTY:

When the fight begins, I find it helpful to summon Tinkerbell to aid in keeping your HP up and give you a second chance if your HP falls to zero. Maleficent Dragon has strong attacks that can be sent in many directions. Jump to the edge of the area to dodge her 360 degree spin. Attack her head between its bite and slash attacks. When she begins to spew flames, glide to the opposite side of the area. Most damage can be dealt when she is slowly rotating, but try to stay in midair to avoid damage from the tremors. Be VERY careful not to get caught in the flames, as they can deplete your HP quickly.

REWARD:  Fireglow

Proceed to the Grand Hall

After defeating Maleficent, a new passage will appear in the chapel; save your progress and travel through this new passage and into the grand hall. Equip curative items as needed and proceed up the stairs.

Ansem Riku

HP: 900      EXP: 8500      DIFFICULTY:

This is a solo battle. Use Aero magic to boost your defense, and be sure to have curative items on hand prior to the battle. The best opportunity to strike is right after he side-steps; when he attacks, use your guard and counterattack to land a combo. You can dodge his Dark Aura attack by jumping; his forward strikes can be avoided by dodge rolling. When he begins to glow with an aura, try to avoid using guard, as his attacks will stagger you for a moment. When he rises in the air and glows, jump and glide in a big circle around the area to avoid damage from his super-fast strikes and ground tremors.

REWARD:  Sora learns the ability Ragnarok

Descend to the Entrance Hall

When you regain control as a Heartless, travel through the castle and return to entrance hall where you first fought Riku. You can jump off the side of the castle to reach the first levels of the castle more quickly.

When you reach the entrance hall, approach Kairi to progress the story. You will automatically be transported to Traverse Town.

Hollow Bastion

Climb the Rising Falls once again to reach the Castle Gate. Enter through the Entrance Hall and into the Library, located through the doors on the left wall. Ascend the stairs to find Belle. Speak with Belle after her reunion with Beast to receive the Divine Rose keychain.

Equip curative items and save your progress at the nearby save station, then make your way back up to the chapel (where Maleficent was first encountered). When you arrive in the chapel, talk to each of the Princesses and continue through the passage on the right to the Grand Hall.

Lost in Hollow Bastion? Need help reaching the Castle Chapel? Watch our tutorial video on YouTube!

When you reach the large heart-shaped portal, climb up the perimeter of the area to reach the chest on the high ledge containing the Oblivion keychain. Enter through the heart-portal to reach the Dark Depths and encounter the protector of the Keyhole.


HP: 1050      EXP: 7000      DIFFICULTY:

When the fight begins, immediately run to the side to avoid the enemy's first pounce attack. The Behemoth is only vulnerable to damage at the horn on top of its head. Jump onto its back (using its back legs as platforms as needed), lock-on to its horn and attack relentlessly. When Behemoth froms a large orange orb above its head, jump down and stand under its belly; this will prevent damage from the small spheres that are sent in all directions. After depleting its HP enough, Behemoth will stagger and fall for a few seconds; use this opportunity to attack with aerial combos relentlessly for heavy damage. When its horn lights up again, run towards the edge of the area to avoid damage from the large beams of light.

REWARD:  Omega Arts

After speaking with Leon and the Traverse Town group, Sora returns to the Dark Depths and seals the final Keyhole.

Now that the Heartless have disappeared from Hollow Bastion, this is a good opportunity to search for missing Trinities and Chests!

Ansem's Reports & Curaga from Aerith

Before you leave Hollow Bastion, return to the Library and talk to Aerith three times. She will give Sora the remaining pieces of Ansem's Reports and teaches Sora the magic spell Curaga. When you are ready to continue the story, return to the gummi ship through a save station and travel to the world below Hollow Bastion.

There's lots to do before the final world! If you're going for a 100% playthrough, be sure to check out our Side Quests page!


HP: 1500      EXP: 12000      DIFFICULTY:

The Unknown is an optional boss in Hollow Bastion that becomes available after visiting End of the World and triggering the first cutscene there. When you're ready to attempt the fight, enter the purple portal in the Castle Chapel. Winning the match will net Sora the EXP Necklace accessory and Ansem's Report 13.

Check out our detailed Unknown video tutorial on YouTube!

Preparing for the Unknown

It is strongly recommended that Sora is level 80 or higher before attempting this match. Sora should have the Dodge Roll and Glide ability equipped and many Elixirs or Megalixirs on hand. Having the Strike Raid special ability and Leaf Bracer equipped will work to your advantage. Be sure to set Gravity, Aero and Cure in your shortcuts menu. Equip a keychain that boosts MP and with a longer reach like Ultima Weapon or Diamond Dust, and equip any and all accessories that increase defense and MP, like the Crystal Crown and Gaia Bangle.

Equip as many MP Rage and MP Haste abilities as you can to boost your MP recovery when taking damage! DO NOT equip any combo extenders (Combo Plus, Air Combo Plus) to Sora.

Phase 1 Strategy

Summoning Tinker Bell at the start of the fight is recommended for constant regen (and an auto-life in case you get KO'ed). Cast Aero magic to boost Sora's defense. Unknown is relentless in its attacks, and finding an opening can be difficult. You can use Dodge Roll to avoid most attacks, including his saber swings and energy orbs.

The best opening to deal damage occurs after Unknown casts two large energy orbs and starts to teleport; cast Gravity while locked on at this moment to temporarily stagger him, allowing you to deal several hits. This timing takes practice; you'll want the gravity spell to finish casting just as he moves to vapor form. If you're low on MP, you can also dodge roll behind Unknown near the beginning of the energy orbs attack to deal a combo.

If you have the Gravity Break combo-finisher equipped (30% chance to activate), you can stun Unknown in a similar fashion.

When he puts up a barrier, dodge roll through it or around it and land two or three hits (you can complete your combo as long as your party doesn't hit him as well). If you or a party member strikes the barrier (or your Aero magic hits it), he will automatically break through and strike twice with his sabers.

Phase 2 Strategy

Unknown will increase his speed and start teleporting more often at the start of the second phase. His energy orbs and barrier attacks will still be used frequently, but a new devastating attack is introduced: when Unknown teleports close to Sora, he may curse him, scrambling his command menu and quickly draining the party's HP.

You can avoid the attack with a well-timed dodge roll or cure spell (with leaf bracer). If Sora is hit by this attack, you will need to select the Release command as quickly as possible; selecting the Shock command will further damage Sora. You can pause-buffer (repeatedly press the pause button) to help time your button-press when Release becomes available. Unknown may attack Sora immediately after the curse is placed, so be sure to dodge roll while searching for the Release command.

If you have the MP to spare, you can use the Strike Raid ability to deal damage to Unknown at long distances, and you'll remain invincible while the ability is active!

Unknown can also summon a ring of small blue lasers that will home in on Sora; use dodge roll, high jump, or simply run to either side to avoid them. When he summons his sabers, he will launch into a flurry of spins and saber swings; keep your distance using Dodge Roll or Superglide to avoid damage. You can also use Guard to deflect the attacks (though his speed makes it difficult to escape without harm).

Phase 3 Strategy

The final phase is by far the most challenging; Unknown is relentless with his attacks and likes to cast curse frequently. He can also float and summon an array of large lasers; use Dodge Roll or Superglide to avoid them. Cast Gravity on him just after he summons two energy orbs (just like in phase 1), and dodge roll or superglide against any other attack. If you have the MP to spare, use Strike Raid during his flurry of saber swings.

The greatest threat to the party is Unknown's curse attack; always dodge roll just as he reappears to avoid it. And don't be stingy with items! Use an Elixir if Sora's low on HP/MP or a Megalixir if the party has been KO'ed.