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Exit the cave and walk along the invisible path, opening chests and fighting Heartless as you proceed. The small platforms are pointed toward the next part of the pathway. When you reach the bright purple light at the end, you'll have to face a lesser Damaged Behemoth; use Gravity magic to drain its HP quickly.

World Terminus

After the Behemoth fight, the party will be transported to an area with many platforms, ledges, and ladders; powerful gummi blocks and weapons for Donald and Goofy reside in chests in this area. At the lowest level is a save station and a large portal of light. Descend to this lower platform, save your game, and enter the ring of light on the ground.

Enter into the pink beams to travel to each World Terminus. Fight the Heartless and collect the chest located within each terminus. Enter the penultimate green beam to enter the final World Terminus. Save your game here and equip curative items if necessary.

Enter the final red beam of light to access a room that belongs to Hollow Bastion. Defeat the Invisibles and read the console in the far room. There's a chest in the corner of this room containing a Megalixir. Exit through the large orange portal in the hallway, then jump down the new hole that appears in place of the red beam.


HP: 1500      EXP: 15000      DIFFICULTY:

Lock-on to its head and send your party to attack; an all-out offensive strategy makes this a quick battle if you are strongly levelled. When Chernabog bows his head, fly away a bit so you won't be damaged by the walls of flame. When he fires a beam of flame from his mouth, fly behind his head and strike from there. He will sometimes send small spirits after you, but as long as you're attacking the head, it's seldom you are hit by one.

REWARD:  Sora learns the shared ability Superglide

Into the Crater

Equip Superglide via the menu and descend into the mountain; travel through all of the white portals you encounter to reach a room with a Heartless sign on the opposite side. Once you see a green floor, dodge roll over to the left side; a Destroyed Behemoth at the other end will try to pounce on you.

The Final Rest

Defeat the Behemoth and the consecutive waves of Heartless, then pass through the Heartless symbol on the wall to enter the Final Rest. Save your game at the save station and equip curative items as needed. If you are ready for the final battle, open the door. Sora will find himself on Destiny Islands; approach the Secret Place near the waterfall. After the island deteriorates, approach Riku.


HP: 1200      EXP: 10000      DIFFICULTY:

Run to the sides to avoid Ansem's blades. You will find chances to strike between Ansem's attacks. If Ansem closes in on you and yells "submit", try to keep your distance or dodge roll away from him. If you are struck by submit, Ansem's guardian will periodically try to hold you in place while Ansem attacks; try striking Ansem as quickly as possible until he calls back his guardian.


After the battle, Ansem will retreat into the center of the island. Use this time to restock on curative items, then enter the fissure and defeat the Darkside that appears.

Ansem (Solo)

HP: 1500      EXP: 20000      DIFFICULTY:

Ansem has a few more attacks this time around, in addition to his attacks from your first fight. Be careful not to get hit by Submit; dodge roll or jump to avoid his dark fissures and swipe attacks, then follow up with continuous aerial combos. When he says "Take this!", he will perform a continuous rushing attack. Use the guard ability to stop him and land some aerial combos. When he glows, use Superglide to avoid his guardian's attacks.


World of Chaos

HP: 1500      EXP: 20000      DIFFICULTY:

Start by striking Ansem between his attacks; fly around to avoid his lasers, and use Aero magic to increase your defense. After depleting Ansem's HP, he will lay down and start rejuvenating; you will fly into a portal that appears nearby. Defeat all of the Shadows in the area, then destroy the core with aerial combos to return to the original area. Small worm-like creatures appear on top of the area; defeat all of these creatures to activate the next portal. Fly through this portal to enter another Heartless-infested area; this time, Goofy is there to help you fight the Darkballs. Defeat all the Darkballs and destroy the core, and Goofy will be by your side again. The large head on the front of the ship is your next target; use Aeroga magic on yourself and attack with your Keyblade relentlessly. You may need to periodically cast Cure after taking damage from the lasers. After defeating the head, a final portal will appear in its mouth; enter it to reach the last Heartless-infested area. Donald is in there to help you take out all of the Invisibles. Destroy the core to return to the original area, then destroy all of the worm-creatures and the blue core in the center of the ship. When you defeat it, Ansem will rise once again. Send your party to attack Ansem; fly in circles toward him to avoid damage from his lasers, then strike with relentless aerial combos.


You have reached the end of the walkthrough to Kingdom Hearts. We hope you enjoyed your journey through this incredible game!