Throughout Sora's journey, you can encounter rare mushroom Heartless in certain areas of each world. Most of these mushroom Heartless are harmless, and you can obtain rare and expensive items when you meet their criteria.

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White Mushroom

The White Mushroom is completely harmless to the party; in fact, it's asking for help! The White Mushroom's actions indicate what type of magic it wants you to cast on it; the spell must be cast while the White Mushroom is miming for the specific spell.

If you cast the wrong spell, or take too long, the White Mushroom will disappear. You will hear a chime and see Tech Points appear when the correct spell is cast at the right time.

Spell Description Location Preview
Fire The White Mushroom will shiver and hold its sides. Traverse Town: Red Room
Wonderland: Lotus Forest
+ all locations listed below
Blizzard The White Mushroom will fan itself.
Thunder The White Mushroom will bow its head, and a light will shine over it.
Cure The White Mushroom will lay flat on its stomach. Deep Jungle: Camp
Gravity The White Mushroom will levitate / float. Agrabah: Treasure Room
Stop The White Mushroom will freeze in place briefly. Atlantica: Below Deck
Aero The White Mushroom will quickly spin in place. Halloween Town: Graveyard

The White Mushroom can also be encountered in End of the World: Linked Worlds, where they can mime all magic spells!

When three correct spells have been cast on the White Mushroom, it will drop items and MP orbs, then disappear. The number and quality of items depends on if the same spell was used all three times:

Spell Correct Spell for #3 Same Correct Spell for #1, #2, #3
Fire Blaze Shard (100%)
Mystery Goo (10%)
Fire Arts (100%)
Blaze Gem (10%)
Mystery Goo (20%)
Blizzard Frost Shard (100%)
Mystery Goo (10%)
Blizzard Arts (100%)
Frost Gem (10%)
Mystery Goo (20%)
Thunder Thunder Shard (100%)
Mystery Goo (10%)
Thunder Arts (100%)
Thunder Gem (10%)
Mystery Goo (20%)
Cure Bright Shard (100%)
Mystery Goo (10%)
Cure Arts (100%)
Bright Gem (10%)
Mystery Goo (20%)
Gravity Lucid Shard (100%)
Mystery Goo (10%)
Gravity Arts (100%)
Lucid Gem (10%)
Mystery Goo (20%)
Stop Power Shard (100%)
Mystery Goo (10%)
Stop Arts (100%)
Power Gem (10%)
Mystery Goo (20%)
Aero Spirit Shard (100%)
Mystery Goo (10%)
Aero Arts (100%)
Spirit Gem (10%)
Mystery Goo (20%)

Rare Truffle

The Rare Truffle Heartless are also a non-threat to the party; they jump around the area and want you to volley them up into the air using the Keyblade. With each consectutive volley, the Technique Points gained increases by one (making 100 consecutive volleys worth a total of 5,050 EXP). Rare items will drop at 10, 50, and the maximum 100 volleys. After the first volley, the Rare Truffle will disappear the moment it touches the ground.

If you have Aerora or Aeroga magic, you can use it to quickly juggle them against the barrier. The Rare Truffle can be found in Monstro: Throat, Halloween Town: Bridge, Neverland: Deck, and End of the World: Linked Worlds.

Consecutive Volleys Reward
10 Elixir (100%), Mystery Goo (20%)
50 Megalixir (100%), Mystery Goo (40%), Shiitake Rank (100%)
100 Mystery Goo (100%), Matsutake Rank (100%)

The best area to juggle Rare Truffles is on the deck of Captain Hook's ship in Neverland, as flying allows Sora to remain in mid-air while volleying the targeted Rare Truffle (be sure to lock-on to your target). Be mindful when striking the Rare Truffle near the ship's masts, as the Rare Truffle may land on its surfaces.

Juggling the Rare Truffle is a convenient way to farm Elixirs and Megalixirs, as well as gain experience!

Black Fungus

The Black Fungus is the only mushroom Heartless that attacks the party. It spews poison that damages those it touches over time, and it can gain invincibility for a short period of time. If you manage to defeat one with a finishing move (i.e. the last attack in a combo), it will drop a Mystery Goo and (if you're quite lucky) a Mystery Mold.

The Black Fungus can be found in Agrabah: Bazaar, Halloween Town: Moonlight Hill, Hollow Bastion: Dungeon, and End of the World: Linked Worlds.

After dealing one or two hits to a Black Fungus, throw a nearby barrel or pot (or in the case of Moonlight Hill, pumpkins) onto them for the finishing blow! You can also equip the Wishing Star keychain to deal critical hits much more easily!

Method Reward(s)
Defeat with a critical hit (5% chance) 1000 Munny
Mystery Goo (100%)
Mystery Mold (100%)
Defeat with a critical hit, combo finisher, or send it flying (30% chance) 50 Munny
Mystery Goo (100%)
Mystery Mold (10%)
Defeat without the above methods 5 Munny

Pink Agaricus

The Pink Agaricus is by far the largest and most eccentric of the mushroom Heartless! Getting it to appear is half the struggle, and satisfying its requirements can be tricky; but if done successfully, you can obtain Serenity Power for item synthesis and the coveted Prime Cap accessory.

The Pink Agaricus can be found at Deep Jungle: Treehouse and Atlantica: Undersea Cave, but in order to satisfy requirements, we'll be focused on encountering it in Deep Jungle. You will know when the Pink Agaricus can be encountered when you enter the area and no Heartless appear.

Your first task is to cast Stop magic on three White Mushrooms hidden around the area. Summoning Bambi while you do this will help you keep your MP replenished for the next step! Here are all possible locations:

Location Screenshot
On the ground-level path leading up to the back of the tree house.
On the netting below the tree house.
Under the broken set of stairs on the west side of the tree house.
On the upper balcony near the back of the tree house.
On the upper ledge on the front of the tree house.
On the banisters of the tree house; use the ladder in the back to reach it.
In the boat suspended in front of the tree house.
On the crow's nest above the suspended boat; use the east ladder to glide to it.
On the roof of the tree house; use the east ladder to glide to it.
On a small ledge on the front of the tree house; use the east ladder to reach it.

When all three White Mushrooms have been satisfied, the Pink Agaricus will appear in the center of the treehouse. If you previously fought Sabor a second time at the Treehouse during your first visit to Deep Jungle, the hole in the treehouse floor will cause the Pink Agaricus to drop to the netting below.

When standing in front of the Pink Agaricus, be sure to target its head (it has two target points). Cast Aero magic on Sora, then cast Stop on the Pink Agaricus. Activate Ragnarok (with a maximum laser burst) as many times as possible while the Pink Agaricus is stopped, and deal aerial combos in between casts of Ragnarok.

When the Pink Agaricus recovers, each hit dealt by Sora will register Tech Points. The number of hits dealt to the Pink Agaricus while it was stopped will determine the odds and number of items dropped.

Condition Reward(s)
10, 20, 30 Hits 10 Munny
Potion (100%)
40, 50, 60 Hits 50 Munny
Hi-Potion (100%)
Serenity Power (10%)
70, 80, 90 Hits 100 Munny
Ether (100%)
Serenity Power (20%)
100 Hits 180 Munny
Mystery Goo (100%)
Serenity Power (100%)
Prime Cap (100%)

Obtaining the Prime Cap

Here are some tips for those looking to deal the maximum 100 hits to the Pink Agaricus for the Prime Cap accessory:

If you're playing the Playstation 3 verison of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX, Donald and Goofy's attacks will detract from the final hit count. In order to avoid this, summon Bambi near the ladder on the east side of the treehouse. After Bambi is dismissed, Donald and Goofy should get trapped there while you hit the Pink Agaricus. This issue was resolved in the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX for the Playstation 4.